Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Really, why not?

Why are so many upset about the idea of discussing religion and politics in lodge or at the market? I remember when I was just a wee lad my mother telling me to never discuss religion or politics because it always leads to arguments. This has turned out to be un-true. (sorry mom)

I will agree however that we most likely should not discuss neither partisan politics nor sectarian religion in lodge. Remove the adjectives and go for it. Religion and politics are important matters to know about and understand. This can occur in the privacy of your home or it can happen in privacy of a tyled lodge in which one is assured a place of mutual respect in their ideas. "No man should be punished for his thoughts."

Free Masonry can be seen, and rightfully so, as a Master's degree course in citizenship. Citizenship requires a lot. Virtue of birth does not make one a citizen. Action and responsibility do. I might add accountability as well. The lodge serves an interesting capacity in the life of a Mason. An important capacity to many Masons. It serves as the class room of your Master's degree course in citizenship. The world is the lab part of the class.

Here is the rub. For some reason there are people that are unable to accept that someone disagrees with them. (This is likely to happen on this thread - pay attention). Would someone be less angry about another disagreeing if he was better able to support and defend his position?

This is why I have such a negative reaction to those that claim our liberties come from Divine Providence. When we make such a statement we sacrifice reason and intelligence. We hand those tools to the opposition. We then climb into a cave and have a witchdoctor chant some spells to keep the boogey man away or to appease the space god of our choice. In other words, when we take the superstition basis of our rights we become a beast in the field. The other method, that of reason and logic, is much harder and requires thought. (Thank God for free time - better yet - thank division of labor for free time - God had better things to do, She is above our petty need for cable TV).

In closing, go ahead discuss political science/theory. Discuss the issues of the day, economics, science, war, cereal, Super Tuesday, the origin of evil, books, religion, history. Discuss it, question each other, learn from each other, and then apply your knowledge. If you are not able to do this because you get bent out of shape every time someone disagrees with you I recommend you run home and cry about it. Leave adult discussions to adults. Or you can start a blog of your own and rant away.

Thanksgiving was an interesting time. My whole family would get together and spend way too much time talking to each other. The dinner would be served. The kids had to go to a different table because they are not old enough to sit at the grown-up table. This seems to be fine with the kids and the adults. So Brothers, pick which table you wish to sit at.


Monday, February 11, 2008

People love theft

It shouldn't even be a crime anymore. We have reached a point in our society in which we (as a population) have developed such a disgusting sense of entitlement that we condone theft at the highest levels and in the most base form. Liberty is a buzz word for most that has no meaning at all.

Sacrifice is the highest virtue now. Give and never earn. Take because that is your "right." The whole nation owes you everything, particularly if you have no desire to earn it.

Vote in accordance with your conscience and your entitlements. I am certain that you will get everything that you deserve.

For those mental giants out there that can't do anything unless the Bible tells them so, how about this - "Thou shalt not steal."

Thanks for watching - this concludes the rant
sic semper tyrannis