Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Patent and questions

There have been many questions and rumbling about the patents granted to the Grand Orient of the United States and the Treaty of Amity with the Grand Orient of France. I hope that the following information is of some use to those that are interested.

At this page you will see a photo of a dinner with the Brothers, including the Grand Master (now Past Grand Master) of the Grand Orient of France. Below that photo is a scan of the patent granting rights to the symbolic grades of the Scottish Rite and the Modern Rite. Also there is a copy of the Treaty of Amity.

Some noise, and very little Light, has been made about these documents. I have heard people say that the documents must be fake. I have also seen that there seems to be a problem with my signature not being on the document. I was unable, for personal reasons, to make the trip to France. Other Brothers of the Grand Orient were empowered to sign in my place. So that is settled now. I can promise you that it is not fake.

Here you will see an article from the General Grand Chapter (Grand Orient of France) Modern Rite discussing the Treaty and Patent as well as the patent for the Order of Wisdom (high grades of the Modern Rite) to the Grand Orient of the United States. For those that don't read French or would just rather read it in English go here.

I hope that this puts to rest any theories of items being fake. If there are any other concerns contact your Grand Secretary and have him contact the Grand Orient of France directly. Or just take it as it is.