Monday, March 17, 2008

Grand Lodge of West Virginia

Recently the Most Worshipful Brother Haas has been summarily expelled without trial by his lodge from the Grand Lodge of West Virginia. MW Bro Haas did nothing but attempt to improve the lot of Masons in West Virginia. A lot of heat has been stoked back channel with powered interests leveling their smoke filled room politics against this worthy Brother.

To the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia, shame on you sir. You have brought shame upon the entire Grand Lodge of West Virginia. Stand up, be a true Mason and correct you clearly wrong actions. I offer you an example on how a Grand Master should act. PGM Walt Wheeler of the Grand Lodge of Michigan. Though he may not have always agreed he always tried to find a way for matters to work between Brethren with different ideals. You on the other hand have struck out with your brief little authority. Right Worshipful Brother Lewis, all eyes are upon you now. Do the right thing. Soon, you will be “elected” to the grand east of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia. I hope that you will do what is right and reinstate Brother Haas and all those that have been victimized by the current so called Grand Master. I call on you Brothers to do what is right, fulfill your proclaimed devotion to Freemasonry.