Monday, March 17, 2008

Grand Lodge of West Virginia

Recently the Most Worshipful Brother Haas has been summarily expelled without trial by his lodge from the Grand Lodge of West Virginia. MW Bro Haas did nothing but attempt to improve the lot of Masons in West Virginia. A lot of heat has been stoked back channel with powered interests leveling their smoke filled room politics against this worthy Brother.

To the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia, shame on you sir. You have brought shame upon the entire Grand Lodge of West Virginia. Stand up, be a true Mason and correct you clearly wrong actions. I offer you an example on how a Grand Master should act. PGM Walt Wheeler of the Grand Lodge of Michigan. Though he may not have always agreed he always tried to find a way for matters to work between Brethren with different ideals. You on the other hand have struck out with your brief little authority. Right Worshipful Brother Lewis, all eyes are upon you now. Do the right thing. Soon, you will be “elected” to the grand east of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia. I hope that you will do what is right and reinstate Brother Haas and all those that have been victimized by the current so called Grand Master. I call on you Brothers to do what is right, fulfill your proclaimed devotion to Freemasonry.



Peter Yancey said...

It is sad to see what has transpired in West Virginia. We can hope that the future GM reinstates PGM Haas but equally important, changes should be made that will prevent something like this from happening in the future.

Anonymous said...

What is sad is the cheap way you yourself has been able to "leave" the lodge you joined. I am ashamed to see such a person as you to be able leave. Why dont you yourself take a stand to your worthy brothers and explain yourself. Take the time and make them understand. Much bad blood has been spilled, yet you speak upon another's actions without clearly spelling your own. Shame on you I say.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you folks are so concerned about what goes on in "regular and recognized" masonry, anyway. You hope for things that will never effect you, as you can't converse masonically with us anyway because you are not members. The Masons in WV will decide what to do next and choose their own direction. So get on with your life and forget about the Masonry you have left. Realize that you are no longer part of it. You can be assured that the Masons of Michigan and Doric & Kalamazoo-Anchor Lodges have forgotten you. You apparently had nothing to contribute, anyway.

Peter Yancey said...

Dear anonymous,

With all due respect, why are you reading the Euclid Lodge blog? If you want to read Euclid's blog and comment on it I don't see what is wrong about Bro. Galt commenting on what's going in in West Virginia. Can you see the point I am making? Please Sir, though it is hard, try to forget the real Masonry that you choose not to be a part of.

mg pierce said...

Dear Anonymous,

Could you elaborate on your words: "I am ashamed to see such a person as you to be able to leave."? What do you mean by "able"? Is a mason not allowed to demit? Yes or no?

From what I know, Galt quietly demitted a long time ago, but it was Doric that dragged this through the mud and attempted to stand in the way of a man exercising his freedom of conscience. And now you're up in arms because you can't put a letter in his file? "You can't quit because we kick you out!" Doesn't sound like a lodge, but more like a treehouse. A whole lot of barking but no bite, because, you see, you have no teeth.

Oh, and might I say, "What beautiful clothes you are wearing, Emperor!"

Anonymous said...

;>) bump

Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith, Melton, etc. should look at today's Burning Taper blog and reflect on why the members of the Masonic Fraternity that he claims to have left to "exercise his freedom of conscience" don't think too highly of him.

Peter Yancey said...

Mr. Anonymous,

I still can't see what you hope to accomplish with your negative postings. You are acting like a spurned woman, the way you want to attack the brothers of Euclid Lodge. Any Mason has the right to demit and leave a lodge. Why are you so bent out of shape over that?I read the Burning Taper article and fail to see how anyone violated his obligations by demitting from a Grand lodge. I am sorry that you are so upset by this, I truly am. I could make a caustic remark or try to make light of your feelings in this matter but that would be uncharitable. I really hope that in the future you can come to terms with this issue. Harboring such animosity towards anyone is unhealthy. This will be my last posting on this particular subject.
It's time to move on.

Anonymous said...

"Brother, retire and propound the constitutional questions..."


"the constitutional questions have been propounded and answered in the affirmative."

"I further promise and swear..."

Though these quotes can be found at most public libraries, I find it difficult to respect anyone, Mason or otherwise, who can promise or take obligations before God and his fellow man and then decide that they no longer apply because they are "exercising their freedom of conscience". Quite honestly, I would have to think that they have no conscience and would not be able to trust them with anything. I have known a few of your members for some years and was quite shocked by their deceptions and find I can no longer call them my friends (which they were).

I wish Brandt and his lovely bride well. I also hope the he and his other untrustworthy friends (who claim for themselves masonic rights and privileges without earning them)find harmony together in spite of it. Quite honestly, I find it difficult to understand how anyone can be recognized as a WM without having served as an officer in a Masonic Lodge. Contrary to ancient customs and usages, wouldn't you say? Unless you call being a steward a leader in the Lodge?

This may or may not be the last thing I say on the subject, as my opinion is quite clear.

John Galt said...

Let's discuss this a bit and perhaps some light can be shed. "Friendship" seems to stop as soon as one does not wish to be a member of the social club. It appears that the only frienship that was there was quite shallow to begin with. I disagree, so I am no longer a friend. This is folks sign into?

You know full well why I left. What could you possibly gain by having your dirty laundry aired here? You are also fully aware of the problems of which I am aluding to that have been swept under the rug.

Here are two reasons: 1) I could not abide by the issues that I mention above, so I left. 2) I joined Free Masonry looking for the lodge of Benjamin Franklin. I find something else.

I have a really good idea of who you are, Mr. Anonymous (writing styles are almost like fingerprints). You should perhaps come clean and detail the night that the relationship between you and I went awry. Glass houses are bad places to take your slingshot out don't you agree.

I haven't discussed publically the one of the reasons that I left. I won't as that is a matter between me and they. I have discussed my philosophical reasons for leaving. I will do so again if I must, but I don't think that it is necessary.

So with that out of the way do you have anything to add to the discussion of the travesty that has happened and continues to happen in the Grand Lodge of West Virginia? If not go back to Putt Putt's, you are not doing anyone any favors here. Hasn't that been explained to you?

BTW, I am concerned about what has happened in West Virginia because those Brothers are Masons. I am a Mason. That makes it a concern of mine. Do you have any concerns about it?

If you can't talk about that what would you like to discuss? Perhaps we can discuss the merits and rich history of the United States Marine Corp or the wonderful character of former Governor Williams? We could get business-like and discuss competitive bidding, money laundering, misappropriation, under-age drinking, or any other ethical issue that comes to mind. Name the topic sir and I will begin the discussion.


John Galt said...

I was never a steward in the lodge. It was Junior Deacon.

Thank you very much for your well wishes to my fiance' and I. I will be sure to pass it along to her. The clock is ticking. The wedding is to take place in less than 90 days.


Howard Roark said...

"Though these quotes can be found at most public libraries, I find it difficult to respect anyone, Mason or otherwise, who can promise or take obligations before God and his fellow man and then decide that they no longer apply because they are "exercising their freedom of conscience"." - Cowardly Anonymous Poster

Did it cross your mind that those obligations are taken after being told that nothing in them will in any way violate what you owe to God, your self, your family, your neighbor, or your country?

If a man owes moral integrity to any or all of the above then how can he remain in good conscience a part of an organization where under age prostitutes are illegally being used (Order of Jesters), or where brothers are expelled without charrges or trial, or where the Shrine collects money in the name of charity but spends it on booze?

A man of moral integrity would want nothing to do with such and organization and, realizing his mistake in joining, would leave and abandon his obligations to said organization.

Apparently, Mr. Cowardly Anonymous, you are not such a man.

Anonymous said...


Well, you have some interesting friends in your corner. They're good at putting carrots out there but I'm not hungry. You may not realize that you are responding to more than one person. As you seem to think you know who I am, you also know that it would not be in my best interest to identify myself. You would most certainly know that calling me a coward would be unfruitful, as I am confident, have no dirty laundry to speak of that detergent won't fix, served my country in combat in time of war and can handle myself quite well thanks to Uncle Sam and many later events in my life. I'm also not fond of Marines because they are drones who are fond of jumping on grenades. You would also know that I am a servant of my fellow Masons and not one of the "Emporers" your friends like to use for emulation purposes. I will simply consider these inuendoes as coming from your "uninformed" friends who don't seem to know what the difference is between a "demit", a "withdrawal" or a suspension for "NPD".

Now that I have "vented some", I would like to say that I am glad YOU have responded and will accept your explanation as it appears on the surface. I do know that there is much more under that surface from previous conversations, and I was there at times, but I'm also sure that if we met face to face you would be more forthwith with what troubles you. I don't expect that on this forum. But you certainly must know that many of us were your brothers and friends and tried to reach out but were, or at least felt, forsaken. Don't ever forget that.

I was aware of your interest in the french system or rite of masonry (indeed Franklin was also a member and WM in France), but thought it was a research interest and I now understand a bit more. Unfortunately you have taken a route that does not allow me to call you a brother anymore, a friend perhaps, most assuredly a fellow seeker of more "light".

Now that you know you were wrong about who this is, but it is becoming more clear, I will comment on your question. As far as WV is concerned, it is indeed a travesty what PGM Haas has been subjected to. Power often begets greed, or vice versa, even in an organization with voluntary membership. I think it fortunate that we have groups like the Philalethes Society to force these issues out in the open and it was good to see that forum provided for him and for our educational "enlightenment". There is a strong movement to change what has happened in WV and I hope it succeeds. Only time will tell. These big shots don't seem to realize that they only have authority for a single year. Unfortunately,even the Romans had to loose everything before they realized what they had. Let's hope it's not too late for them.

As for myself, I prefer to work on these problems from within where I have seen the most success. Things have returned to normal here at D, as I said they would.

Travel well.

mg pierce (yet to pay my due in order to be "allowed" to demit) said...

So why didn't you just say all that in the first place?

Tony said...

"Things have returned to normal here at D, as I said they would."
That is unfortunate... I had hoped that recent events would have awoken you Brothers to the changes that need to take place.
Tony Melton

A Michigan Mason said...

And what changes would those be Mr. Melton?

John Galt said...

Okay, before this goes any further I am going to ask that nobody air private business publically. Please remember that this is a public area and there are certain matters that could result in serious problems. If it must it must, but not here. This is not a matter of "Masonic" issues. It is a serious matter. I am asking all of you to stop this particular line of discussion. There is no reason to air D's laundry in public. There are ways and means to do so. I request that you take that track. Not here, it will serve no good purpose.


Tony said...

I attempted to draw your attention to said issues before I left the lodge, but I was told not to bring it up by several of you. You (collectively) would rather sweep it under the rug for the sake of harmony than deal with it like men. So much for integrety.

If you anonymous posters are who you say you are you ought to know how to contact me, feel free to do so.

John Galt said...

Brother Tony,
I ask you as a friend and Brother to not pursue this any further. You know full well how fruitless this is, we have bigger fish to fry.


Mr. Cowardly Anonymous said...

Learning to subdue our passions and improve ourselves in masonry is what we all strive for in our self-improvement as masons. But we are all individuals and it is easier for some than others, but is a life long project for all of us. The experiences of the past hopefully make us wiser, but bitterness will only impede that goal.

Let us not forget the lesson given by the WM when we were first place in the NE corner of the lodge.

Perhaps it is time to forget the past and move on to achieve this end. What goes on a D. is no longer a problem for you.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors. You have much talent. Use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Melton,

From you angry message you assume that we are your brothers. We are not. Your choice.

mg pierce said...

Alright, everyone, I'm really getting bored. Let's lay it out and get past it all:

We started a new lodge. We all have our reasons for leaving our respective lodges. We were free to join, we were free to leave.

Old lodges mad. We get it.

You say we broke our oath. We determined as men of free conscience that our old lodges did not live up to their part of the oath and thus we dissolved our obligations. Old lodges don't agree - too bad. We get it.

Some of us demitted, some are suspended for not paying dues (in particular, me, because I prefer not to pay $100 to be "able" to demit). Apparently, I will be kicked out in September.

If we had kept Euclid secret, we would have been lying to all of you. We didn't lie. Get it?

Anonymous posters. We get it. You want to throw stones from the shadows. You do not want to be responsible for what you say. We get it. Not a new phenomenon. Despite what you may believe, you don't get Tony upset with your comments. He's just hungry. And those raging hormones!

Bad spelling. Poor grammar. Guilty as charged. Big deal.

Now, can we all move onto other topics? If old lodge guys don't like what we talk about, there are plenty of other blogs. If you want to talk in person, just call. We can meet for a coffee. We all got along before quite nicely. I miss that.

We are here, brothers, and we're not going away. We're your neighbors. We're you're co-workers.

But I'm getting sooooooooo bored with these little tiffs. Let's talk about the liberal arts and sciences. Let's talk about freedom and liberty. Let's talk about love.

"Better" men should be able to accomplish this.

If you absolutely can't, at least come up with some creative attacks! Mix it up! Make it interesting. PLEASE! You're killing me here!

Anonymous said...

Was anyone fortunate enough to be present when PGM Haas spoke at Masonic Week in Washington, D.C.?

John Galt said...

Unfortunately I could not attend but have some Brothers that were able. I had found a copy of his speech someplace. It was quite good actually, but I expected nothing less. If my memory serves me well tonight his speech can be found at


Anonymous said...

I've read his speech but was interested in any personal reactions or reflections. I heard he received quite a standing ovation.

John Galt said...

That is true, he did receive quite the standing ovation. Of course, considering who he is and what is going on in West Virginia, there is a bit more of emotional charge around him. He put forth his case quite well.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

Brothers of Euclid...

I can find no other masonic experience that equated to the feeling of "surrending our charter" in protest to an obligation not being upheld.

We blindly take obligations trusting the other party will always uphold their end. I found nothing in codes to deal with a situation when the other party fails in upholding their end of an obligation, so it is up to the individual to come to an understanding if the other party is in violation, not th eLodge or Grand Lodge, but the individual.

To attack an individual for an interpretation of an obligation and when and if it has been violated
is fruitless and unamerican and unmasonic.
It is subjective and any agreement needs to have an out clause...
in good conscious that is

Anonymous said...

Why did you leave? Was it because you weren't masculine enough? Is the great secret of masons that they are homophobic?

This makes me want to reconsider joining a lodge if they are this prejudice.

T. Ron Dunce said...


Yes, I’ll be a responsible member
of this great and bless’d society.
I’ve come to understand the wrongful nature
of gun ownership in the age of monarchy.
But sometimes it’s just so hard
to act like the person you weren’t born to be.
Felonious behavior. Countless misdemeanors.
Impersonating an officer of the law.
Bonafide man of action! How you like that?
Bonafide man of action! How you like that?
You can’t stop, you can’t stop progress.
You cant’s stop, you can’t stop, no, no, no
You can’t stop, you can’t stop progress.
You cant’s stop, you can’t stop, no, no, no.
I understand there’s no victimless crimes.
That being said I feel rather victimized.
And I will seek substantial compensation.
Whether legally, legal-ish, or otherwise.
But sometimes it’s such a hassle
to sit patiently outside the open gates of a loaded castle.
Felonious behavior. Countless misdemeanors.
Impersonating an officer of the law.
Bonafide man of action! How you like that?
Bonafide man of action! How you like that?
You can’t stop, you can’t stop progress.
You cant’s stop, you can’t stop, no, no, no
You can’t stop, you can’t stop progress.
You cant’s stop, you can’t stop, no, no, no.

Joe Cocker said...

You might want to be careful or a royalty bill may come your way.

Duley said...

It has come to my attention that you've alluded to me in a posting here. Please leave me and Putt Putt's Bar out of this.

Anonymous said...


A Mason said...

Just an observation of a comment made by Mr. Tony Melton. If a group disagrees with you (collectively) then it may clearly mean that you have failed to make your point to "anyone's" satisfaction or you may (gasp!) be wrong in your thinking.

It would seem extreme to make the decision to leave based on everyone else not agreeing with you and would appear to be emotionally motivated instead of by reasoning. I hope you still feel good about your decision to remove yourself from your friends and brothers for life to show them you are right.

Seems a bit extreme to me. Just a thought.

A Concerned Brother said...

It was obvious to many of us that MWB Haas was waiting until the time was right and here's the latest news . . .

Tony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony said...

"a mason",
I had irreconcilable disagreements with the group, therefore I left the group. I quit Doric and the GL of MI before signing on to Euclid. I didn't leave to show anyone that I was right. I left to pursue my own path and my own goals.
There are men in Doric that I would like to continue to consider friends and brothers. Then there are those who have proved that they were never my friends to begin with.
C'est la vie.