Friday, April 4, 2008

Halcyon Lodge

For those that are not aware please go to and check the place out. There is more to the story thought. These Brothers, by their own efforts and no assistance from any Grand Lodge, renovated this building and developed a community center that is doing a great deal more than writing a check to charity. They have gone so far as to develop a Boxing Club in part of the building to provide a positive place for the young men in the area.

Considering that I am from a similar background you may understand why I am sympathetic to the work done at Halcyon.

Fast forward a bit and we have the Grand Lodge of Ohio filing suit against the charity that runs the historic building and boxing club. They have targeted specifically the Brothers least able to defend themselves (meaning they targeted the Brothers with smaller bank accounts primarily) in an attempt to force a resolution in their favor without the full exposure of the facts. Let's allow truth to be truth and place the facts on the level to be judged by their merits. Not money but merits. I for one would love to see this resolved sooner rather than later.

This historic building is in jeopardy. More importantly the work that is being conducted in this building is in jeopardy. I request that you go to and read what is being accomplished there. I also ask that you click on that donate button on the left side of their screen and support the good work of that charity. This is a real charity 501c3 that is doing remarkable work in their community. It is appropriate to support this cause. 5, 10, 20, 100 any amount will be appreicated.

I have had the pleasure of knowing several of the Brothers involved in this work. They are honest and strong Brothers that would drop everything to extend to you Masonic charity. They are in need now. They have given greatly and are now in need.

I just finished donating myself, I ask that you stand with me and support this.