Friday, April 4, 2008

Halcyon Lodge

For those that are not aware please go to and check the place out. There is more to the story thought. These Brothers, by their own efforts and no assistance from any Grand Lodge, renovated this building and developed a community center that is doing a great deal more than writing a check to charity. They have gone so far as to develop a Boxing Club in part of the building to provide a positive place for the young men in the area.

Considering that I am from a similar background you may understand why I am sympathetic to the work done at Halcyon.

Fast forward a bit and we have the Grand Lodge of Ohio filing suit against the charity that runs the historic building and boxing club. They have targeted specifically the Brothers least able to defend themselves (meaning they targeted the Brothers with smaller bank accounts primarily) in an attempt to force a resolution in their favor without the full exposure of the facts. Let's allow truth to be truth and place the facts on the level to be judged by their merits. Not money but merits. I for one would love to see this resolved sooner rather than later.

This historic building is in jeopardy. More importantly the work that is being conducted in this building is in jeopardy. I request that you go to and read what is being accomplished there. I also ask that you click on that donate button on the left side of their screen and support the good work of that charity. This is a real charity 501c3 that is doing remarkable work in their community. It is appropriate to support this cause. 5, 10, 20, 100 any amount will be appreicated.

I have had the pleasure of knowing several of the Brothers involved in this work. They are honest and strong Brothers that would drop everything to extend to you Masonic charity. They are in need now. They have given greatly and are now in need.

I just finished donating myself, I ask that you stand with me and support this.



Just a Mason said...

Quite honestly, if someone decided to renovate my summer home and hold a party there, it would still be my summer home and I would have the right to remove them. As anyone who reads Grand Lodge laws knows, this property rightly belongs to the Grand Lodge of Ohio and the members of the "regular" Halcyon lodge in Cleveland and the courts will remove them soon enough. They will, of course, get their day in court to explain why they think this property, that these "brothers" do not own, belongs to them. I don't think it will go well for them and would expect them to be charged fines and/or rental charges for the time they used it.
This remind me of a time when I belonged to a veterans organization that wanted to paas the hat to help with the legal expenses of a "brother" who got caught selling M60 machine guns to an FBI agent. Needless to say, I did not participate. Murder and treason excepted, I still don't condone illegal activities.

Howard Roark said...
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Howard Roark said...
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John Galt said...

Think as you wish"just a mason". I promise that you are not in possession of the full facts of the matter. Would you prefer that this temple become a parking lot?


just a mason said...

It is obvious from your inuendos and character assassination that you are quite biased in this case. If it were your property you would do the same. You can be assured that I understand perfectly and that your "qualifications" for their actions do not change anything. I stand by my original statement.

John Galt said...

There is no character assassination at all. Where do you get that? Are you in full possession of the facts in this case?
Brother, please don't take this personal. It has nothing to do with you personally. I am just putting out a call to aid and assist some Brothers. If you don't feel that you can then don't.


Howard Roark said...

These are men with wives and children. They are being sued for creating a charity to help the inner city kids of Cleveland. The charity is solely volunteer work and the charity owns the building.

If Freemasonry is charitable then why sue brothers for creating a charity to help children?

RickB said...

Kinda like stealing a car and then donating the stolen car to charity.

Regardless of how altruistic you think your actions are, they are still wrong.

John Galt said...

I don't see how it is the same at all. The Grand Lodge of Ohio has not paid one dime for the construction or upkeep. They own no shares of the temple association. They have not paid property taxes on the building. They shouldn't have either, because they don't own it.

Seriously guys, if you own a property you pay for it. If I own a property I pay for it. The Grand Lodge of Ohio has not paid anything for it because the temple association is an independent corporation.

How someone feels about Halcyon Lodge or the charity is immaterial to the case. It comes down to ownership. It is not based on feeling or ego or any other emotion based arguement. It is based on who owns the building.

Now, do you want to talk about the charity?

Howard Roark said...

I didn't realize that some mainstream Masons were so cold hearted.

You can't steal what is yours.

Giving what is yours to help those in need is the act of a true Freemason.

trying to destroy the lives of men with families is an act of evil no matter how you stack it up. Real brothers do not try to take the homes of others.

The brothers at Halcyon gave what they had to help their community and to save Freemasonry in their community. They gave all they had to help others and the Craft.

There is a certain evil that has infected our beloved Craft. Good is punished and evil rewarded.

just a mason said...

I think it is quite evident that the courts will decide who owned the building that was given to the charity. And it is as it should be. All parties should have their day in court. We shall see who is made whole again. Mr. Galt, you obviously don't know much about the laws and regulations governing our lodges. My bet is on the Grand Lodge of Ohio and the "regular" Halcyon masons who actually "paid" for the building. If you wish to waste your money for the defense of your brethren, so be it. I think you know what would happen if the temple in Grand Rapids or Detroit was given to "charity". You would be wasting your money to defend that as well.

Howard Roark said...

So... then Masons are not truly free to give for the sake of charity? Is it all a guise to defraud the public?

Kind of like the Jesters calling themselves a charity while in reality just enjoying prostitutes at the taxpayer's expense?

Howard Roark said...

Oh! The "real" Halcyon that the Grand Lodge of Ohio created after the real Halcyon tuned-in its Charter is just a bunch of guys the Grand Lodge of Ohio appointed to be Halcyon members.

How is it that Grand Lodge appointed members are REAL Halcyon members? Don't you have to Petition a lodge and be voted on in order to be a REAL member?

Just curious.

templar guard said...

"I didn't realize that some mainstream Masons were so cold hearted."

"You can't steal what is yours."

"Giving what is yours to help those in need is the act of a true Freemason."

"trying to destroy the lives of men with families is an act of evil no matter how you stack it up. Real brothers do not try to take the homes of others. "

"The brothers at Halcyon gave what they had to help their community and to save Freemasonry in their community. They gave all they had to help others and the Craft."

"There is a certain evil that has infected our beloved Craft. Good is punished and evil rewarded."

I've never met a "mainstream Mason" who was cold hearted. Even a Shriner or Jester, but then again the Shrine is not a Masonic organization, anyway. They have nothing to do with craft masonry and only require their members to be Masons (at least for now). As I don't belong to either, I won't comment further.

My concern is the "can't steal what is yours" and adding it to the "Giving what is yours to help those in need is the act of a true Freemason." statements you make.

When I was Master of my lodge, I never considered that I owned the lodge or the building. Nor did I think that way as a member. We are elected to protect and be stewards of our lodge. We were not given the lodge when we became members; it is owned by those who came before us. We are charged to protect it for future generations of Masons. I'm sure the "regular masons" before you, would have preferred it kept within the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

By the way, Lodges were never created to be charitable institutions, that is charged to the individual Mason as a way, if he chooses, for personal growth and improvement. As you know, we "make good men better."

I have no problem giving, and often do, what is mine to give to help my community or a "worthy distressed brother." I would never dream of giving what is not mine, that would be theft. It would seem that the Officers did not do the job that they were charged with at their installation. You yourself said that the temple is now owned by the charity.

In this case, I will have to agree with the last quote you gave above.

"There is a certain evil that has infected our beloved Craft."

It is a shame that the profane and the public Courts will now have to clear this up. Perhaps the members of the "new" Halcyon Lodge should look in the mirror. They will undoubtedly reap what they have sewn. I don't wish any family to loose there home, but they had to know how serious it would get, don't you think? Grand theft will give prison time, as well. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Anonymous said...

Rite to equidable receipt:

Look it up fella's. The GL of OH may end up with the building at the end of the day and Halcyon would end up with some much needed funds.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

the old guard failed in their responsibilities.

Hid ledgers, removed temple company books, tried to sell the building improperly and character assassinated any brother who got in their way.

When we, as the halcyon members and elected officers, had to go to a masonic arbitration, we were told we could not go to court to stake our claim in the facility.
So within a kangaroo court, we were awarded 100% ownership in the temple company, not the Grand Lodge and not the dirty masons who treid dismantling it, US.

So, there is NO masonic code in the Grand Lodge of Ohio that limits how much and to whom a Lodge can contribute to charity.

So, since the young men set up a scenario to save the facility financially, and the edlers realized that the $$$ they had earmarked from the sale of the building was gone, it was attack mode non stop.
Every month threats of pulling our charter were passed down to us, with no code violations presented. The Grand Lodge and its minions tried every way they could to impede our progress and our goals.

Never once did our electrician past grand master come and discuss it with us.

We could not go to court to make our claim, but Grand Lodge does it first thing!

They never came around when money was comming up missing, edgers were missing, mike hogan physically knocking brothers to the ground within a Lodge room.
this same gentleman rolled up on DDGM who had the audacity to reprimand him for something.

The masons in cleveland ohio are very scared of the brass, they do not love each other at all, it is a feared respect, not an earned one.

I have brothers associated with that temple from the past call and apologize for being apathetic while invovled within the temple.

everyone in cleveland knows how bad and evil the old guard within that temple was... none of them were men of Halcyon, they were all the York Rite bodies and 33rds running the show.
They failed and because we had fortitude and perserverance, they had to attack, no one can succeed where we have failed mentality.

We can go back and forth with specualtion, but if you have never dealt with these uneducated, non leaders within our craft, they despise intellectuals and liberal thinkers.
They hated that Halcyon raised african americans into theLodge, the old white haters could stand a black man being the facility!

A young balck youth, who tried to petition two masinstream Lodges in ohio, could not get a white brother to sign his petition, so the Grand Lodge,instead of looking into racism within their Lodge and system, made this gentleman drive 2.5 hours to get an EA degree!
Why, no white mason would sign his petition!
That is the mentality that Halcyon abhores and are standing up against!
Not true masons!
Why does not the Grand Lodge look into its racist brothers.

This young man found the grand orient on the web, believed n its principles and is seeking to join us at Halcyon where there is no race issues.
But we are bad men.
We saved an historical building within an historical district. Why Grand Lodge feels that was a wrong move, I do not know. No one is profiting from it, so that must be why thet attack, because they do nothing for nothing and can't have young men doing something for nothing!

Up is down
Black is white
Good is bad
a once institution that had tenets built on principle, has now resorted to the 21st century american way of SUING when an ability to discuss things as adults is not in their abilities.

Grand Lodge over a year to discuss things with intelligent, industrious sinscere masons, but chose to bully and threatem their way into a lawsuit where they have roughly 250 million to roll with to attack a Lodge doing the will of the brethren.
So Mote It Be!

Anonymous said...

You sure do like to define the world as black/white, young/old, electrician/non-electrician, etc. There might just be a pattern here. . . We must be less uptight up north. Our lodges are pretty diverse and intermingling among the masses for fellowship is encouraged and expected (as masons). We all even eat and drink together.

Cleveland being the ethnic hub of the US, I would expect at least the same. My wife is from Cleveland and I always found myself more comfortable there than in Detroit where I grew up. Great rib cook-off parties down by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

Possession is 9/10th's of the law......

Anonymous said...

If the Grand Lodge of Ohio is not listed as joint owner, or principle owner on the tax records then they ahve no right to the property.

If there is no a documents that states the property is held in a right of survivorship the Grand Lodge has no right to the property.

If the Grand Lodge at anytime past or present threatened the property owner's to submit to them that is called under duress.

Don't know how they can claim the property if they are:
Not listed on the property tax statements.
No right of survivorship.
Have paid none of the property tax.
Have not contributed any money towards insurance, repairs, renovations, or additions.

They have no leg to stand on.

Howard Roark said...


Halcyon Charities sponsors the Old School Boxing Club. They train in the Temple.

Eddie Alicea, one of our boxers, won last night!!!!

"Not only did he earn the decision against very game LaVonta Green in their 152-pound open-division bout on the opening night of the 80th Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament, Alicea got the win in his home ring." - The Plain Dealer

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.

I don't know much about business law, or Halycon Lodge for that matter, so this is just a question for anyone who does know:

Are Grand Lodge laws in any way binding in the US court system? How does this work?


Mike G.

John Galt said...

No Grand Lodge or Grand Orient rules mean a thing in civil or criminal courts if they are in opposition to the laws of the land or state.


Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

All american freemasonry is just a regular 501(c)10 and all of you are just volunteers.
it is fun to pretend to be more. TO glom onto a groups history in name only does not make you more than just a voluntter for a non profit fraternal organization.

so, masons are really volunteers with funny hats and titles to make its volunteers feel better about themselves.

Unless ofcourse one gates paid within the fraternity(secretaries of lodges,temple managers, treasurers, grand lodge poobahs, etc) then once paid, you are then an employee. As long as the mason does not recieve money, he is a volunteer.

So, next time you see a 33rd or some other hat and chain seeker, just realize they are a 33rd degree volunteer.

If obligated volunteers constitutes what an american freemason really is once the veil is pulled back, is it really Freemasonry?
or just a regular 501(c)10 witha bunch of volunteers, who do not like to be called volunteers, so they create names like, freemason,mason, worshipful master, venerable master, KYCH, levels of progression so everyone can feel equal, tyler is a cool name, marshall, "lodge education" officer, etc....

one question I have all here is this: If in reality we are nothing more than volunteers, what type of organization would put unqualified individuals, without proper training, in charge of temple companies and the inspection of those books? Would any reputable organization put a school janitor, with no formal accounting or business tarining in charge of inspecting those books?

If malfeasance is happening, how wolud he even know what to look for?

or if all your life you have worked 3rd shift for Ford, and you wife has handled all the finance's in your home, which has afforded you time to be an officer in you temple, why qualifies this gentleman to run a temple comany or the finances of Lodge?

it seems strange that an organization would put unsuspecting volunteers, good samaritans, into such postitions that hold some liability and not train them properly or at the least make these postitions have educational requirements to be an "inspector" or finance manager of a temple?

I forget brothers, it has been along time since I was "installed" as a master of my lodge, but I do not recall anywhere within the charge given to me by the Grand Lodge officer that by accepting the position of Master I would be legally liable for my lodges actions? I am just volunteering to help out?????????? to keep your little 501(C)10 running, because with volunteers and men volunteering to run these non profit sub chapters, it would fold up.

strange little 501(c)10 that we all pay to volunteer for?

making it all altruistic and ancient and important and the likes....

I guess it is cute in a clubhouse-ish way I guess.

making up names liek Thrice Illustrious Worshipul Master, Most Excellent WIse High Priest, or Sovereign Grand Inspector General.. I am laughing my ass off just typing these little titles they have created out of thin air!!!!

I wonder if my volunteer group would call me "Most Excellent Wise Supernova of the Milky Way Galaxy Star Cluster Thrice Times Over Pontiff"?
Would not that be cool...
volunteering to recieve funny hats and titles..

is that like the analogy of holding something sparkly infront of a gorilla, to distract his attention from something real going on around him?
SO when and if the veil is pulled back, they won't get made because they have recognition for their volunteering?

I do not know any more what really is the purpose anymore?

I thought freemasonry was really a mystery school for learning and deep soul searching and mystery searching that had nothing to do wit being federally recognised as a 501(c)10 and being a volunteer in reality?

is this the same in other countries, or is their freemasonry still true to the original tenets of the 1717 founders of what organzational freemasonry was meant to be?

Is what we are classified and doing here in aamerica in any way shape or form in line with what our masonic founding fathers had in mind? A federally reconginse fraternal order where realistically we are all just equal volutneers?

I cannot see the that some of the greatest minds of the 18th century had this in minds ofr its future...

Oh well, time to clean the kitchen at my 501(c)10 residence and get ready for more of volunteers, err brothers to come around, hang out, and accomplsh nothing accept making more volunteers, err masons....

Time to go volunteer some more....
Have a great weekend all of you 100,000's of volunteers, err, Freemasons!

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked lodges are not a 501(c)10 nor is the Grand Lodge. There may be organizations within the Grand Lodge that hold a 501(c) designation (i.e. charitable foundations) but not the individual lodges or Grand Lodges.

Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

check again

Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

Halcyon Lodge had a tax ID?

Westside Masonic Temple Company, which holds the title, is a "for profit" temple company which articles of incorporations are registered with the State of Ohio as a for profit corporation.

Why did the original men who formed this temple company make it a for profit instead of a non profit?

Maybe because they knew Grand Lodges have no vision and business sense anymore?

As a for profit company they would have a better chance of survival, allowing real business men to manage and run the facility
without the potential interefernce from uneducated, non business trained volunteers, err, masons?

Is it really that important to Grand Lodge of Ohio masonry to sell this facility and destroy its history?

is it really worth destroying a legit 501(c)3 charity that is helping the local community?

Is it really that important to disenfranchise educated business savvy men from doing good works within the community? without receiving financial compensation?

No individual has profited from this endeavor!

The young boxers who watch the young masons run this facilty, manage the operations and rahabbiong of this facility, are starting to emulate them in actions and demeanors. The boxers are starting to show an interest in "masonry" because of the example being set by these young professional masons.

An impact on bettering the lives of the less fortunate within their community is taking place!
But ohio freemasonry apparently has a different aganda!

what a shame, instead of participating in this beautiful project, they cannot beyond their rage to see how a situation has been created to benefit ALL.

But apparently the Grand Lodge is focused on precednt and punishment instead of unity and charity for the community and the dedicated hard working masons it left in charge.

Sad day when it gets to this, huh...

May brotherly love prevail!
if it hasn't left the Temple already.

Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

I cannot believe washington and franklin and the like would be apart of an organization that destroys its own when they try to succeed where others have failed!

Lets be real, fella's

it was when these men were dead and gone when britian re concurred american masonry and divested it of its revolutionary form to stand up to tyranny.
now we only stand up to hats and chains when they enter the room.
We takes stands on nothing and when some do, we stand to destroy them..

wow, how we have strayed from our original purpose..

grand Lodges selling its members information to credit card companies so we get solicited by these companies, so the Grand Lodges get a piece of it?

I di not know when I joined masonry, my onfo would be sold to credit card companies for solicitation?
I could just see George washington receiving a solicitation in the mail to sign up for a masonic credit card..

Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

To be exempt under IRC 501(c)(10), a domestic fraternal society, order, or association must meet the following requirements:

It must have a fraternal purpose. An organization has a fraternal purpose if membership is based on a common tie or the pursuit of a common object. The organization must also have a substantial program of fraternal activities.

It must operate under the lodge system. Operating under the lodge system requires, at a minimum, two active entities: (i) a parent organization; and (ii) a subordinate organization (called a lodge, branch, or the like) chartered by the parent and largely self-governing.

It must not provide for the payment of life, sick, accident, or other benefits to its members. The organization may arrange with insurance companies to provide optional insurance to its members without jeopardizing its exempt status.

It must devote its net earnings exclusively to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational, and fraternal purposes.

It must be a domestic organization, that is, it must be organized in the United States.

Self governing and devote its net earnings exclusively to charitable purposes!

That is exactly what the Volunteers of Halcyon did?

nothing more and nothing less!

also, if you do not believe your grand lodge is registered with the federal gov't as a 501(c)10, show the documentation stating otherwise. just do not say it.

also, check to see if your individual little lodge does not have a federal 501(c)10 tax id, Halcyon did.
there are many little things about our frat we do not know....

Anonymous said...

My apologies. I confused a 501(c)10 for a 501(c)3.

Hal said...
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A Concerned Mason said...

I hate tell you guys this but if a Lodge IS required (and it is) to file an annual report to its Grand Lodge describing the organization's membership, activities, and the balances of each of its monetary accounts, in order for the Grand Lodge to file FOR THEM with the IRS each year, the Lodge IS part of the Grand Lodge. Most of us will argue that it, along with all the other Lodges in the jurisdiction, "are" the Grand Lodge.

The MTA is a holding company for the Lodge to provide a place for the Lodge to meet and is usually owned and operated by the "members of the Lodge". The Lodge members do not "own" the building. However, if there is no charter to operate a Lodge, there is no MTA, as there is no reason for its existance. This holding company, called the Masonic Temple or Center Association, MUST also be "non-profit" and have NO profit at the end of the year. Otherwise it will become a profit making business and can no longer be qualified as such.

Yes, the MTA can dispose of its property but must have approval from Grand Lodge to do so. And if approval is given, the proceeds would first go toward paying off all outstanding debts and then to providing a new place for the Lodge to meet. The Lodge MUST also attain permission to move their Charter from Grand Lodge BEFORE it happens. They MUST also have approval in writing from Grand Lodge to alter their bylaws (local Lodge rules, such as the above date, time, place, etc.) BEFORE any changes take effect.

It is usually preferrable that a Lodge merge with another so that the proceeds, as well as all moneys and properties, can be "merged" into the new combined Lodge and saved from being acquired by the Grand Lodge that is the reason for their existance and "recognition". When a building is "sold" the MTA MUST dissolve. If a new place is found or planning needed, a new committee is create to create a new MTA for that purpose, but only with permission from Grand Lodge.

Is this what happened at Halcyon?

John Galt said...

If one actually has ownership they actually pay the taxes.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

and what if the Lodge has their own tax id?

John Galt said...

....then they must pay their own taxes and maintain the facility themselves. Sounds like ownership to me.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Halcyon Lodge the charity that the lodge is working with is doing great things. I had the pleasure to see some of the boxers from Old School Boxing (the boxing club supported by Halcyon Charities) compete here in Grand Rapids.

One of the Brothers from Halcyon came up. He, a Brother from the Grand Lodge of Michigan, and I had a great time watching the competition. I am very pleased by the talent that these young men showed during the tournament. More importantly I am quite pleased with the high level of sportsmanship evidenced by these athletes.

If you did not get a chance to see the tournament you missed out on a great night.

Next year is rolling around fast and I am sure that the athletes from Old School Boxing are getting ready for that competition right now.


sec昴宿六 2 said...

I am prepared to lose all of my worldly possession's if need be in this fight. I will happy become a Martyr just like my 4th G-GrandFather ThomasS did:

As God as my witness, the truth will come out and I know what the truth is. I do not fear it for the sake of my Wife and Kids.

You will one day know as well.

John Galt said...

I am sure that all will turn out fine, and a much deserved party will follow.


Ohio mason said...

Those who were wronged will be made whole again. My bet is on the Grand Lodge of Ohio and the true members of Halcyon Lodge . . .

See you in court.

John Galt said...


2 BOWL CAIN said...

the true members of Halcyon voted and moved forward.
the people representing Halcyon now are frauds who never paid dues and were never elcted into the Lodge.
take your bet off the table while you can.
Grand Lodges are not infallible and CAN make mistakes.
which they have been doing since before 2000. This did not happen over night. There is a long history between Halcyon and the Grand Lodge.

Lonewolf with Golden Tears said...

These naysayers are all good. They are like scientists who only have theories. And until they know the real facts, and have real proof they are nothing more than speculators.

Only the people actually involved in the case know the facts.

So keep going you naysayers, I find it so amusing that you are willing to make bets and haven't even looked at the racing form or injury list. lol. Would anyone like to play poker with me. I will donate all my winnings from you know it all's and donate it to those Brethren at Halcyon.

Any takers?

My Golden Tears are just starting to revive those thought long dead.

So mote it be.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

What if the Temple Company is a FOR PROFIT Company registered with the state of ohio? FOR PROFIT!!!

controlled and answerable to the state of ohio!

not the grand lodge.
the grand lodge and freemasonry are nowhere mentioned in our articles of incorporation with the state of ohio!

Know facts before shatting out of your mouths!

Grand Lodge has no dog in this race. as will found out!

The 501c10 Grand Lodge does not control or dictate a for profit corporation registered with the stae of ohio!


chew on these facts for awhile and get back to me.

I have no tolerance for factless spewers of garbage!

Just a Mason said...

2 Commode Cain said:

"What if the Temple Company is a FOR PROFIT Company registered with the state of ohio? FOR PROFIT!!!

controlled and answerable to the state of ohio!

not the grand lodge.
the grand lodge and freemasonry are nowhere mentioned in our articles of incorporation with the state of ohio!

Know facts before shatting out of your mouths!

Grand Lodge has no dog in this race. as will found out!

The 501c10 Grand Lodge does not control or dictate a for profit corporation registered with the stae of ohio!


chew on these facts for awhile and get back to me.

I have no tolerance for factless spewers of garbage!"

I realize you guys in Cleveland are now receiving the rath of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. You act as though it was unexpected and are angry about it. You should have known that this would be the result of your actions.

While you don't seem to be a willing part of the legal process that you and your friends instigated, whining across the masonic blog world is not helping your cause (whatever that may be). Nor is it showing any of us that you learned anything while a mason or that you all feel comfortable with what you guys did to Halcyon.

Perhaps it is best that you are no longer "regular" as you probably would have become bored with being civil very long anyway.

Your tone is very offensive to all masons and I, for one, could care less whether you have no tolerance for the rest of us or not. Life is too short, Bubba. Take your licks, move on and quit spewing YOUR garbage on other people's blogs . . .

masontruth said...

The Halcyon Lodge situation is a terrible thing. The true Masonic worlld knows exactly what happened. A talk was given at the Lodge by the Pied Piper of Masonry and he soon convinced a small group of Brethren that they should take over and do their own thing. The total membership was not informed excpet for those present on the night of the take over. The transfer of funds/property,name changes were precalculated moves. In time the courts will do what they must do and the proper ownership will be given back to the true Brothers of Halcyon Lodge. In the meantime these men that took part in this should be ashamed of themselves and be reminded of their un-Masonic conduct every time they look in the mirror or at the ring on their finger. The Group that has allowed them in their umbrella should be equally embarrassed as they took in something that does not belong to them in order to have a Lodge with a real address under their banner. "This is the result of evil companionship" to borrow a phrase. The "Pied Piper" has placed men of reputation as it's Grand Officers in order to try once again to get one of his groups off the ground. These men might be sincere but either way they are pawns for one man. Halcyon will eventually go back to it's rightful owners but the tarnish of what these men have done will never go away. Name changes, Grand Lodge Officers, Patents that give permission to confer the 3 Degrees, nothing can even take away that in doing this terrible deed they violated all they should have held sacred as well as violated their Obligations.

Manny Blanco,PM
Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge # 804
Moreno Valley, CA
Grand Lodge of CA

Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

thank you for that inside information manny!
are you a member of halcyon?

how did you get this info?
how do you know your info to be true, though?

thank you for keeping the story alive, we have not heard much from these guys lately..

way to stay vigilant

Lonewolf with Golden Tears said...

I just got my system up and running
and this is the first time in along time that I have been going to the boards.

Does anyone know what happend to Brother Dunn? For I have not seen him post in a while. Is he ok?

I really like his essays and his knowledgable insight into the current
Masonic goings on around the craft across a broad continent.

If anybody talks to him and tell him to get back in the game I really miss him and is whitty remarks not to mention some really good essays.


Lonewolf with Golden Tears said...

And one more thing what is this GOUSA about? I'm a newbie and I can't seem to grasp what is going on.


Adolphe Isaac Cremieux said...

Brother Manny,
you seem quite knowledgable about Halcyon only when Jeff Peace entered the scene in April of 2007

Can you related the historical problems that went on bewteen 1998 and 2006 involving Halcyon, the Temple company and the grand Lodge's attempt at selling the building, mock masonic trials, the attack of RWB Whitehouse and all the other unmasonic and potentially illegal garbage that transpired long before jeff peace entered the picture?

Is it not being narrow minded and one sided by not offering up the whole story?
Instead of giving a recap of the last few months?

I mean, come on manny, jeff entered the game in the final innings, why not expound on all the troubles Halcyon was having to motivate them into finding a jeff peace and the likes?

1998-2006.. we look forward to your knowledge and insight into the whole story.. not you carefully worded and selctive history yu want to keep alive!

It always take two to tango manny

That is if you believe in equality and justice, if not then keep spewing limited info and one sided, non involvement smack!

Keep it up and stay vigilant.

Alumbrados666 said...


The Boston Herald reports on Saturday July 12, 2008 that up to $1.5 million has been embezzled from the coffers of The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

Acording to the Boston Hearald:

Meanwhile, Secretary of State William F. Galvin’s Securities Division is launching its own separate probe of the Grand Lodge’s finances, sending a letter of inquiry yesterday to giant financial house UBS for information on its business dealings with the ancient fraternal order, according to a source.

A law enforcement source with direct knowledge of the Suffolk probe told the Herald yesterday that members of the lodge discovered the financial irregularities and took their findings to authorities, who have in turn launched a criminal probe that is zeroing in on two Mason officials.

I would like to make two points in regards to this reoccurring problem across Mainstream Masonry.

1) Masonic Lodges have for ad infinitum refused to bring in outside professionals to run their complicated programs and financial processes. Hence many Grand Lodges have amateurs running giant Masonic Charity Programs, amateurs running Masonic Retirement Communities and amateurs running a multi million dollar end of the businesss of Grand Lodge finances. What qualifies these amateurs? They are Masons and they work cheaply. Many Grand Lodges are very wary of taking chances entrusting outside professionals with private information and dealings of Grand Lodge. Therefore to keep all that they do secrative and to save money they will appoint a Grand Lodge Officer or in house "expert" to perform the duties which would be much better and more safely be performed by an outside professional or a professional agency.

2) As you can see the government - the state of Massachusetts - is now involved in the investigation. Although they were asked in this does not mean that with future problems of another nature the state government would also not intervene and demand to see the records of Grand Lodge and documents and records it would always keep private.

So if a Grand Lodge was charged with racial discrimination and a complaint filed with EEOC it is my bet that the feds would be all over the private records and dealings of the Grand Lodge in question, never mind the negative publicity that would ensue.

Finally the Boston Herald article leaves us with this pleasant information:

The Suffolk and Galvin probes could prove to be yet another blow for area Masons, who several years ago were hit with a scandal involving former money-manager and radio-station owner Brad Bleidt. He was convicted of swindling tens of millions of dollars from area investment victims, many of them Masons.

Bleidt, who used to be a Mason, is now serving time at the federal prison in Fort Dix, N.J.

Moral of the story. Find a better way to screen out dishonrable people. See previous post BALLOT REFORM.

Howard Roark said...

Manny Blanco sees Jeff Peace as the great Satan in everything.

Here's an example"

Q: Manny, why is the price of oil going up so fast?

Manny: Jeff Peace

Q: Manny, what is the cause of the present mortgage crisis in America?

Manny: Jeff Peace

Q: Manny, why is Masonry in decline?

Manny: Jeff Peace

Q: Manny, why are you such an idiot?

Manny: Jeff Peace

Knocking said...

I find this situation very interesting.

I'm familiar with a few situations that are somewhat similar in the world of the Episcopal Church. To summarize the facts of most of these cases: A parish got angry at some ruling of the national church and attempted to leave with their property. The Bishop sent them a letter telling them to vacate the building and appointing new clergy and officers for the congregation. Locks are changed, dueling services held, police called.

Eventually, in Court, the ruling is generally that the parish has no authority to leave the diocese structure or the National church. Sure, you can quit. Sure, the whole congregation can quit. But generations of people gave to that parish with the understanding that they would support a parish of the Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Church gets to say who is and who isn't a parish.

Now, the question, I guess, becomes is Freemasonry more like a hierarchical religious structure (Roman Catholic, Episcopal, etc) or a Congregational religious structure. I think the fact that the Grand Lodge issues and can revoke charters etc, will settle this in favor of a hierarchical private association. In which case, the members of Halcyon Lodge are those persons who have the charter from the Grand Lodge of Ohio that says Halcyon Lodge.

The question then becomes was the move to transfer the property to another entity legal when it was done. That's more complicated. Was it done before the charter was yanked? Was it done in accordance with both the by-laws of the Lodge and Grand Lodge regulations? Was it done in due and legal form?

If it wasn't for the fact that there are some serious problems with the Grand Lodge system (yes, W.V., I'm looking at you), I'd advocate for a regulation for every jurisdiction that says that no transfer of real property may occur from a subordinate body without the permission of some sort of vetting committee.

I think the arguments here, however, about charitable intent simply reveal a difference of opinion about what happened. Did the transfer to charity happen primarily to benefit the community or to hide the property from the Grand Lodge?

Answer that and I bet you can tell how the case will go in Court.

masontruth said...

Howard Roark said...
Manny Blanco sees Jeff Peace as the great Satan in everything.
Here's an example"
Q: Manny, why is the price of oil going up so fast?
Manny: Jeff Peace
Q: Manny, what is the cause of the present mortgage crisis in America?
Manny: Jeff Peace
Q: Manny, why is Masonry in decline?
Manny: Jeff Peace
Q: Manny, why are you such an idiot?

Dear Howard,
The old saying is written: "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you what you are."

Do I need to write more? You are part of this group and like your peers will do anything to defend the scandalous acts done by UGLA/GOUSA.

Jeff is not the enemy. He is the ring leader who pulls the strings and influences men such as yourself to act in this manner.
Bottm line if people want to be sheep it is their business. DO you think that the direction taken by your group was an avenue to peace and harmony? Do you think that unfounded attacks on Mainstream Freemasonry and it's members is the way to push your groups legitimacy? Why would anyone knowing truth not contest the terrible things you and your group write? Why is it that if the UGLA/GOUSA group posts something then it should be taken as "truth" and "real?" Reader need to know that this is but one avenue they can take and that this group that sets themselves up as "Masonic Experts" are being led by one expelled Mason and others who either have problem with follwing rules or cannot keep within the Obligation they have taken? Halcyon Lodge is now part of GOUSA because they manuevered a well calculated takeover that was not approved by the majority of it's members, nor were they given due time and notice? Are you going to say that letters went out at least 30 days before this vote? People seeking Masonic Light or showing support to these types of groups should at least be aware that it was started in 2005 and is just one of the many failed attempts at starting a group and calling it "Masonic." Seekers of Light and truth should always have a choice.
There is a big difference from writing what people want to hear as Fake/Bogus Masonry does and being a Mason.

"Q: Manny, why are you such an idiot?"

Howie, is this the best you have?
Very deep to say the least. Definitely you have proven that you are a dedicated and true member of this group. Further proof that people need to know what is going on with these groups and that they have a choice.

Sincerely & Respectfully,
Manny Blanco,PM #
Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge # 804,
Moreno Valley, CA
Grand Lodge of Ca