Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Message to ....

There are some amongst you that obviously wish to know things that are not for those who are not members of Euclid Lodge. I would ask that desist as you are wasting your time.

It is against our practice and philosophy to share the identity of any member of Euclid Lodge without their express permission. Privacy is considered quite valuable to us.

The problem with this is that are questioning people that have nothing to do with it and they are calling me trying to figure out what is going on.

Meet with us on the level and we may be able to talk. Strike at us with a level and our door will shut to you.

Brandt Smith
WM Euclid Lodge

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Truth About Charity

Brother and Sisters, fellow citizens of the world

A human being is an end unto his or her self. Put down your pitchforks and torches – I am not kicking over your charity applecart. Allow me to explain what I am attempting to say.

Charity is one of the finest acts that an individual can accomplish. Charity is great particularly if it is properly guided and the reasons are properly known. Do not think for one second that you selflessly aid another human being for anything other than your own benefit. If a Masonic organization, which are quite well known for charitable activities, gives with no thought of itself then it is an immoral organization. If it commits a charitable act and pretends that it was for any other reason than the benefit of its members it is a liar or worse, an immoral fool.

The reason that charity is a great act is that if charity is properly applied the recipient of the charity will rise above their impoverished position and become a productive member of society. This is important. A great deal of crime, and I speak from experience, is rooted in poverty. Most people would never steal unless there was a need for them to do so. The drain that is placed on society that is required to support those that circumstances have placed in an unenviable position can be just too great. Charity is entirely selfish.

If we can accept this our charity will be more effective. We will pay for education. We will pay for job training. We will pay for Planned Parenthood. We will pay for public education programs that are designed to inform the populace about the dangers of contra-survival activities.

We have to remember that this is not about us, but it is. It is about the betterment of human civilization. We all benefit for each member of our society being a productive and able citizen. Free Masonry is, amongst other things, a Master’s degree course in citizenship. To be a Free Mason requires that you are good philosophical citizen of the world, your nation, your state, your community and your family. To ensure a more profitable, safe, and enlightening life we must come together and support each other.

My property rights can be supported in two ways. I can stay conscious 24 hours a day and protect my property from looters. The alternative, which I prefer, is to support my community as it supports me. This will provide a police force to protect my rights from domestic criminals and a military to protect my rights from foreign aggression. We will educate our children (I am not raising children but I feel some responsibility for the children in the world) so that they will be good stewards of our civilization. We will teach our fellow citizens to feed themselves so that their children will be able to feed their selves. We will educate our fellow citizens so that they can educate the next generation. Eden is here my beloved Brothers and Sisters if we are willing to make it.

Free Masonry is designed for two reasons. The first reason is to heal the rifts in civil society. The second reason is to improve the outlook and ability of the best of citizens. The best of citizens will act as leaders and inspiration. Free Masonry can take an intelligent and productive citizen and transform him (or her) into a capable leader and producer in society. From this leadership humanity will improve and our civilization will prosper. What came we here to do for our self and our world? I do for my world for what it does for my nation, for my community, for my family, and for me. Look deep Brethren this is why we do charity.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We should discuss value as this is at the heart of many problems in Free Masonry. What is it in Free Masonry that a man cannot get any place else? Is there any objective value to membership in a lodge?


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Discussion and Masonic Philosophy


Of our own free will and accord, we are free men and Free Masons, have done several things. We will continue to act in manner that is dictated by our conscience and reason. There is nothing more that we can do. We will not be subjected to the attacks and illicit behavior of those in brief positions of authority that are “howling for our blood.” In other words, we will not deal with looters, thieves, or thugs. I have been approached by three dear Brothers who have asked us the question that no other Mason has. “Why?” They asked and they truly wanted answers and to understand. These Brothers met me on the level, as a Mason I should expect this from all Masons. There have been far too many that have taken this as an opportunity to fulfill some personal vendettas against me. So be it, Truth will always shine through, and it is starting to now.

Freedom of Association

It is our belief that any private organization is free to limit who may become a member of their organization. That control stops there. No organization, private or public, has a moral right to control the private life of its members. This is not the time to pull out a book of regulations and quote some rule that is immoral to prove that a moral right exists. This is the time to discuss openly the moral justification of those types of rules.

Most Grand Lodges have a rule that forbids their members from attending a co-Masonic lodge. That seems to be pretty cut and dried. Please put your pitchforks and torches down, I am not a member of co-Masonic body though I have thought about. No man should be punished for his thoughts. We find that rule to be immoral. We find it immoral because it in no way affects the various Grand Lodges in this country yet the rule exists not to enhance the Craft but to limit the freedom of association of Masons outside of the lodge.

It is said that a woman cannot be a Mason. It goes to reason then that any organization, no matter what they call it, is not Masonic. So why is that rule in place? There is an intellectual dissonance in this case. If they are not Masons then forbidding a Mason from attending or joining a co-Masonic body is the equivalent of forbidding him to join the Rotary Club.

If indeed a co-Mason is a Mason then we have to return to the original premise and open further discussion. Masons do not need to be kept safe from ideas; ideas obviously need to be kept safe from Masons from time to time. If a woman cannot be made a Mason, as we are told, then where did the female Masons come from? We cannot have it both ways.

The argument that this rule is in place to preserve the Craft is empty. No damage can possibly come to the fraternity if a Mason were to visit a co-Masonic lodge. Regardless, we must ask what exactly we are protecting the Craft from. Girls don’t have coodies, get over it. Many of the arguments that I have heard about this subject sound similar in origin to the tired arguments used against Prince Hall Free Masonry.

Territorial Exclusivity

This is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Free Masonry. A Grand Lodge’s authority begins and ends with its constituted lodges. It goes not further than that. It does not include a specific geographic boundary as Free Masonry itself is not constrained to lines on a map. The Grand Lodge of Michigan, in a stroke of genius and morality, did decide (I believe that it was in 1996 – fact checkers please check that for me) that its authority was only over its constituted lodges. The Grand Lodge of Michigan has also extended recognition and built the bridge of Brotherhood with the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Michigan. Bravo. Most Grand Lodges in the United States have also extended recognition to Prince Hall Grand Lodges. It is right and proper to do so. By these actions should we not question further the misapplication of territorial exclusivity?

Since it has been decided that the Prince Hall Grand Lodges are entirely regular should we not extend recognition to all Prince Hall Grand Lodges? Including those that are in certain Southern states? There will be some that will say that I am acting outside of my authority. How drôle. I am not acting on any authority. I am not acting at all. I am asking a question that we should ask, and that we should answer.

The only stain on the Grand Lodge of Michigan regarding the issue of recognition of Prince Hall Grand Lodges is that it took so long for it to come about. Of course, the sins of the father are not the sins of the son. The good Brothers of the Grand Lodge of Michigan did correct the historic error and may they always be remembered for that. Mistakes happen; we are only human after all. It is important that it was corrected.

Lodge Sovereignty

This is not a chicken and egg situation. Grand Lodges were formed by Lodges. Lodges formed these Grand Lodges to administer to the needs of the Lodges, not the other way around. Some times this is forgotten. Lodges were formed by Masons to administer to the needs of Masons. The sovereignty of an individual Mason cannot be superseded by that of the Lodge. That is the key to the free will and accord that we discuss so often. Allow the natural progression of logic (one of the seven liberal arts) to guide you on the natural conclusions of this.

As there are different men with different needs in Free Masonry we cannot expect one model of a lodge to suit all of their needs. Regarding this issue it is important that a lodge be able to develop its own character. Ritual is an important aspect of a lodge’s character. Allowing a lodge to select and work a regular ritual would do much to enhance the character and egregore of the lodge. This is practiced in several jurisdictions around the world. It has been quite successful. It will also allow us, as Masons; access that vast tapestry that is Free Masonry. It is our heritage.

These are not attacks of arguments. These are simply points of discussions. Answers to these questions are important.


Sunday, November 18, 2007


Freedom may be one of the most difficult concepts for an individual to deal with. When we first developed the idea of Euclid a Brother talked to me and equated it to the Shawshank Repemdtion (which is a great movie if you have not seen it yet you should). He related it most specifically to the part in which Red had just gotten out of prison and was working as a bagger at a grocery store. He was constantly asking permission to do everything, including going to the restroom.
Red mentioned something about being in the system so long that he could not even go to the restroom without permission. Why does the caged bird sing?

Freedom for me means freedom for you. But what if you don't do what I want? Well, that is freedom. As long as you or I are not violating the rights that I are inherent to my existence then I cannot inhibit you at all.

The continuation of our civilization is dependent upon the advancement of our citizens. This is only possible through true freedom.

Brothers and Sisters, apply your reason and be free.


Saturday, November 17, 2007


Freemasonry is not now, nor has it ever been a religion. Is it improper to require a man to profess a religion or a belief in a supreme being in order to admitted to Free-Masonry? If so, why? Surely the word of a believer can be broken just as quickly as any atheists word can be broken. If we truly believe in the brotherhood of all mankind how can exclude so many for having a personal opinion about the existence or non-existence of Deity?

For it came to a question of adjectives. What is a "stupid atheist" or an "irreligious libertine"? Does this not allude to their being a smart atheist and a religious libertine?


Friday, November 16, 2007

Euclid Lodge

To all Masons, wheresoever they may be dispersed throughout the world
Fraternal greetings
We have formally constitued Euclid Lodge, to the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe and to Glory of Free-Masonry Universal. We labor under traditional Free-Masonry as described and prescribed in Anderson's Constitutions 1723 in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).
Our lodge offers a distinctive education in the philosophies and esoteric understanding of Free-Masonry. Euclid Lodge supports the original meaning of a "liberal education" with the understanding that reason is the only tool that humanity has to survive, prosper and improve in this world. To this end Euclid Lodge initiates men into the mysteries of Modern Free-Masonry and has dedicated itself to the betterment of our civilization.
This betterment is accomplished by an education in the philosophies of the Enlightenment period and modern philosophy. We reject completely the mis-guided beliefs that lead to the subjugation of the human spirit and any intellectual dissonance that destroys our ability to construct that Temple made not with hands.
Throughout human history there have always been those that raised men up to higher levels. We endeavor to be those type of men. Included in our ranks are PhD's, engineers, business leaders and professionals of several types. We are a philosophical order that addresses the "questions of the day" such as the moral implications of our scientific revolution and the relationship between the individual and society. Partisan politics and sectarian religion have no part of what we do. We labor for the greater good. We accomplish this by aiding our Brothers to become better men, more informed men, more educated men, and more capable men. Through our process to total education we aid in the development of "liberated" man.
The founders of Euclid were once members of the Antient system of Free-Masonry, which has degenerated into a social club that denies its own roots. We have separated ourselves from that decayed root and planted our minds in fertile ground. May the Light of Free-Masonry (which is reason) extend to every corner of the globe and every aspect of civil society. We have taken up the working tools of such luminaries as Brother Benjamin Franklin, Brother Voltaire, and Brother Lafayette and have placed the proper application of the Craft above the base desires of men who are slaves to their egos. We labor as one small lodge of great men who carry a portion of Light forward in the 21st Century. All true and worthy seekers of Masonic Light will be welcome at our door.

Wor:. Bro:. Brandt Smith
Worshipful Master, Euclid Lodge #3