Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Truth About Charity

Brother and Sisters, fellow citizens of the world

A human being is an end unto his or her self. Put down your pitchforks and torches – I am not kicking over your charity applecart. Allow me to explain what I am attempting to say.

Charity is one of the finest acts that an individual can accomplish. Charity is great particularly if it is properly guided and the reasons are properly known. Do not think for one second that you selflessly aid another human being for anything other than your own benefit. If a Masonic organization, which are quite well known for charitable activities, gives with no thought of itself then it is an immoral organization. If it commits a charitable act and pretends that it was for any other reason than the benefit of its members it is a liar or worse, an immoral fool.

The reason that charity is a great act is that if charity is properly applied the recipient of the charity will rise above their impoverished position and become a productive member of society. This is important. A great deal of crime, and I speak from experience, is rooted in poverty. Most people would never steal unless there was a need for them to do so. The drain that is placed on society that is required to support those that circumstances have placed in an unenviable position can be just too great. Charity is entirely selfish.

If we can accept this our charity will be more effective. We will pay for education. We will pay for job training. We will pay for Planned Parenthood. We will pay for public education programs that are designed to inform the populace about the dangers of contra-survival activities.

We have to remember that this is not about us, but it is. It is about the betterment of human civilization. We all benefit for each member of our society being a productive and able citizen. Free Masonry is, amongst other things, a Master’s degree course in citizenship. To be a Free Mason requires that you are good philosophical citizen of the world, your nation, your state, your community and your family. To ensure a more profitable, safe, and enlightening life we must come together and support each other.

My property rights can be supported in two ways. I can stay conscious 24 hours a day and protect my property from looters. The alternative, which I prefer, is to support my community as it supports me. This will provide a police force to protect my rights from domestic criminals and a military to protect my rights from foreign aggression. We will educate our children (I am not raising children but I feel some responsibility for the children in the world) so that they will be good stewards of our civilization. We will teach our fellow citizens to feed themselves so that their children will be able to feed their selves. We will educate our fellow citizens so that they can educate the next generation. Eden is here my beloved Brothers and Sisters if we are willing to make it.

Free Masonry is designed for two reasons. The first reason is to heal the rifts in civil society. The second reason is to improve the outlook and ability of the best of citizens. The best of citizens will act as leaders and inspiration. Free Masonry can take an intelligent and productive citizen and transform him (or her) into a capable leader and producer in society. From this leadership humanity will improve and our civilization will prosper. What came we here to do for our self and our world? I do for my world for what it does for my nation, for my community, for my family, and for me. Look deep Brethren this is why we do charity.


Anonymous said...

"On December 31, 2007 a unique opportunity to do something for Masons, your self and your family will end. The time to act is NOW!!!

Simply put, until December 31st, the Federal Charitable IRA Rollover provision permits taxpayers over the age of 70 1/2 to make donations up to $100,000 directly to charitable organizations from their IRAs without counting the distribution as part of their adjusted gross income (AGI), and consequently, without paying federal taxes on these funds".
The quote came from an unsolictated email, it shows how far removed some GLs are from their rank and file,I have known brothers put off buying essetials so they can afford to pay their dues,others who are in VA homes without a phone let alone email

John Galt said...

It is a sick situation. It reminds me of certain "appendent bodies." More money for the charity and less Masonry everywhere.
What came we here to do?