Monday, June 2, 2008

What it is not

I just had a long talk with a Brother from another Lodge. He is not a member of a Grand Orient lodge. He is a member of a lodge under the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma. We discussed why some of the venom is being spewed and he suggested that I could perhaps clear the air a bit. That is the purpose of this blog post.

It does no good to describe what Euclid Lodge is. I will endeavor to describe what it is not. I hope that is good enough.

Euclid Lodge is not meant as a negation of the Grand Lodge or Grand Lodges which so many of my Brothers love. It is an entirely different approach to our Gentle Craft. Hypothetically if one of my Brothers from my former lodge were to visit they would not be entirely lost. They may have to adjust to a slight difference in ritual but that just adds spice. Different is sometimes good.

Many moons ago when I was teaching martial arts I was often asked about similarities between different martial arts. I think that view missed the point. Yes, there are similarities. That is the part that one already possesses. It is the differences that matter. I used the analogy of chicken. Most cultures in the world cook chicken. Thai cooking is great but it is substantially different from good decent fried chicken from the South. Yet, it is still chicken. Enjoy the spice.

Euclid Lodge is not a rejection of the Anglo-Saxon/American manifestation of Masonry. Far from it, we open our doors to our Brothers. Free-Masonry is most important when it works in the life of the individual Brother. The lodge is just a classroom.

Though I may be "forgotten" I promise that my Brothers are not forgotten. I remember you all clearly and fondly.



Anonymous said...

Does the Grand Orient offer child identification programs?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, that would be a NO!!

John Galt said...

No, the Grand Orient does not engage in Child ID programs.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

Thank God!

Anonymous said...

Your analogy of Free-Masonry to fried chicken was excellent (and juicy). By the way, is off-line? I can't view the forums...