Thursday, December 2, 2010

Clarification and Farewell

My time as Master of Euclid Lodge is coming to an end. This weekend, I will had over the reins to my very capable brother, Chad VanderVen. I wish him the best over the coming year. But it has become apparent that before I step aside, there is one final matter I must address from the East.

It has come to my attention that rumors are circulating in some circles that Euclid is allied or affiliated with specific Martinist Orders and/or the Gnostic Church. Let me be very plain here, Euclid is not now, nor will it be in the future, allied or affiliated with any religious or non-Masonic fraternal organization.

There are members of Euclid who are Martinists. There are members of Euclid who are Gnostic clergy. But that does not establish a link between Euclid and those groups any more than our members belonging to the VFW or American Legion establish a link with those groups.

I hope this puts to rest, once and for all, these rumors and clears up Euclid's position on the matter.

Again, I wish Brother Chad and his slate of officers the very best in the coming year and look forward to seeing what they can achieve. I anticipate it will be another great year for Euclid.

For the last time from the East,
Tony Melton

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