Saturday, December 8, 2007

Caput Lupinum

The Latin phrase “caput lupinum” means to “have the head of a wolf.” This colorful phrase was applied to convicted criminals or “outlaws.” I urge you to wear the head of a wolf. Hear me out.

There are two things that I would like to talk about right now in relation to this. The first is the nature of the law and idolatry. The second is how slaves are made. Each of these two topics is related philosophically. Hopefully through this discussion I will be able to explain why every good citizen and Mason should have the head of a wolf.

Law is established to protect the citizens of a nation or organization and to fulfill the fundamental premises of that nation or organization. Since the law is blind, and often dumb, it is necessary that there be juries in our courts. A jury is not charged with interpreting law. They are charged with determining right or wrong. For example, it is illegal to exceed the posted speed limits. If you had a child about to die you should speed if necessary to get the child to the proper medical attention to save the child’s life. You did break the law but justice is served by determining that you were right to break the law.

A few years ago I did a paper on religion itself becoming an idol that is worshipped. In other words there are some that get so wrapped up in a religion that they begin to worship the religion rather than God. This is idolatry. On the same token there are those that believe so strongly in the law that they forget justice. This is contrary to the spirit and purpose of the law. I would go so far that it is even contrary to the spirit and purpose of the nation or organization that wrote the laws in question. When the law is applied without even a nod to justice then the law has become a tool of restriction rather than justice and should not be obeyed by any thinking man. Justice is far more important than law.

This is why I urge Masons and citizens to be outlaws in the philosophic sense. Support justice not laws. Support right, not expediency. Support the spirit and purpose, not the shell. Unfortunately juveniles are not well equipped to handle this. In order for law to morally valid it must be in support justice. It should never be law for the sake of law.

Before I move into this next section, involving slavery, I would like to extend thanks to an old teacher of mine who taught me the lessons that I will now share with you. RD, if you are reading this, thank you. I hope that your former pupil is not such a huge disappointment.

Pardon the allegory, but this is how I was taught.

There is no distinctive difference between a wolf pup and common dog puppy. They exhibit many of the same mannerisms. The difference becomes apparent at maturity. One day a wolf pup becomes a wolf (adult), a dog puppy remains a puppy no matter how old it gets. Dogs were made from wolves on purpose. To change wolves into dogs one must only feed the pups and discourage adult behavior. One more thing, kill those that show too much aggression or resistance. This creates a climate in which the puppy’s survival is predicated on the benevolence of the slaver/breeder. Juvenile behavior and reliance becomes what is needed to survive for the pup. So the wolf becomes a dog in order to survive. Patrick Henry is rolling over in his grave.

Slaves are made of human beings in much the same manner. It is the encouragement of juvenile behavior in adult animals. The adult juvenile (dog) will never actualize his potentials and become a functioning adult (wolf) because its survival or acceptance is predicated on maintaining juvenile behavior. Chains make only prisoners, not slaves. Harriet Tubman ran into the slave mentality during her work on the “Underground Railroad.” She carried a pistol. She carried the pistol not only to deal with lawmen (remember how law is supposed to serve justice not the other way around) and slave hunters but to deal with slaves that would change their minds and want to go back.

That is why I encourage people, citizens, and Free Masons to have the head of a wolf. Serve Justice, serve Right, serve the cause of freedom.

Brandt Smith
WM Euclid Lodge


candide said...

Obiviously zoology is not your strong point a wolf raised with humans is no longer a true wolf it can not function, it desires human contact but a domestic pet that escapes and runs with a pack will kill for the pleasure of killing,something a wolf never does.

John Galt said...

If I may correct your statement. That would be a wolf raised in captivity.

Regardless, don't get caught up in the allegory. It is the message that is important.

Brandt Smith
the Master of Grand Rapids' obviously most popular lodge at the moment.

corvinolupo said...

Also, the wolf would have to removed from its pack between three and four weeks of age and raised by human hands only to lose its "no longer a true wolf" function and even then the loss is generally only based around the ability to hunt.

Often times wolves raised in captivity are done in a way to domesticate per se but leaving their natural social skills in tact for the purpose of observational research.

John Galt said...

Listen folks, I was obviously far too discrete in my use of allegory. Should I re-write this entirely so nobody would be bothered with the wolf allegory?

Facts are facts. There is a liberty model and a power model to government. The power model encourages slavery. The liberty model encourages responsibility.

There is a process of making slaves. This process includes encouraging and supporting juvenile behavior in adult animals. It also encourages the adult animal to fear any truth that shakes its comfort level.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

Shake the comfort level, and watch out for the teeth!

corvinolupo said...

I have no problem with the wolf allegory. Do you?

The only comment that could be reasonably interpreted as a problem was the first comment posted by Candide.

I happen to have an interest in wolves and their behaviors that I decided to further educate someone who felt the need to imply that they have a strong point in zoology and clearly state that someone else does not (in this case you).

However, the comment section is not a place to debate or discuss apparent self conscious issues.

Now, back to the main topic at hand.

Tom Accuosti said...

there are some that get so wrapped up in a religion that they begin to worship the religion rather than God.

Has somebody been reading Terry Pratchett around here?

John Galt said...

Never read Terry Prachet and I am fine with the wolf allegory. Please continue Brothers.


Saul Rosenbaum said...

There is an old Masonic legend about the wolves. The Sons of Light (the children of Horus) were known as "young wolves". According to Egyptian mythology Horus (Light) turned himself into a wolf to do battle with Set (Darkness).

According to the legend the wolves have no earthly master and act according to the will of the G.A.O.T.U..

John Galt said...

Perhaps we should all turn ourselves into wolves and go after Set.


Anonymous said...

I for one can't wait for the dogs of darkness' demise. Bring on the wolves! I myself hold to the outlaw/wolf philosophy. Always have, always will. Most of what are "mistakenly" called laws are in fact just rules. All know the Law, for it is in your heart. That being said "do what thou wilt".
And if you're gonna bear, bear grizzly.