Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grand Rapids Masonic news

An interesting bit of news for those in the area. There is a lodge in its formative stages that is developing in Grand Rapids. Euclid Lodge has pledged to assist this forming lodge in all ways possible. This new lodge, Lodge of the Three Luminaries, will work the Rectified Scottish Rite under the auspices of the Grand Orient of the United States of America, Accepted Free-Masons assuming that the petition for charter is accepted.

I have also heard "rumor" of a Memphis-Misraim lodge developing in the area possibly under the auspices of the Sovereign Sanctuary, United States. More to follow on this as information is available. The ground work for a lodge working under the George Washington Union in Grand Rapids. There are also developments in Detroit and Lansing.

Interesting times that we live in and I am excited to see the face and function of Masonry changing in the United States.



Anonymous said...

Seems a little counter-productive for GOUSA to have another lodge in GR practicing the same rite as Euclid.

Better to strengthen the existing lodge first.

Tony said...

Lodge of the Three Luminaries will work the Rectified Scottish Rite. Euclid works the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. Similar names, quite different rituals.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the ritual will be different but the point still stands that Euclid as the existing lodge in GR should be further strengthened first before another GOUSA lodge is established.

If each lodge under the GOUSA has autonomy in what ritual that observe then shouldn't Euclid be able to observe both the Rectified and the Ancient?

Of course one could try to argue the conspiracy that the Three Luminaries is nothing more than a "ghost" lodge to create the illusion that GOUSA is expanding in GR outside of Euclid. Of course that's only if you are a conspirator ;)

John Galt said...

Of course Euclid would be happy to have a couple more members, if they made it through the investigation process. It would strengthen the lodge and distribute the work load over more Brethren. This has happened recently with the initiation of our first Entered Apprentice in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

The Lodge of the Three Luminaries is being designed to work a far more mystical rite of Masonry. That is the beauty of the matter. Euclid is not for everyone. Neither is Three Luminaries for that matter. There are choices now.

No matter, none of this really affects you in any way. I am curious as to why you are so interested? Perhaps that is better left to another post.

The Grand Orient of the United States is growing. Far faster than I like but it is happening nonetheless. There is enough room for all of us.

Regarding the slightly veiled back hand that the Three Luminaries is an illusion, this is on par with the statements that the Grand Orient of France would never enter into a treaty with the Grand Orient of the United States. Well, that has happened. It is also equivalent to the statements that Euclid Lodge does not really exist. Well, it certainly does. Pundit's statements seem to be coming up wrong when it comes to the Grand Orient.

Don't worry about it though, we have sent more people to Grand Lodge of Michigan lodges than we have spent much time interviewing. It is difficult to get into Euclid and easy to leave.

If you have specific questions regarding the Grand Orient of the United States or its chartered lodges I recommend that you follow the standing procedures of your Grand Lodge and have your Grand Sectary contact the Grand Secretary of the Grand Orient of the United States.

If you just want to discuss philosophy, Masonic or otherwise, feel free to do so.

By the way, it is more than the Grand Orient that is expaning in Grand Rapids. Possibly the George Washington Union and the Sovereign Sanctuary, both of which are fine, legitimate Masonic organizations that have a great deal to offer.

There is far more interesting news coming in the not too distant future. Please stay tuned if you would like.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

Excellent news brother!

The Rectified Scottish Rite information is very interesting.
last night at Halcyons meeting, we discussed the RER, as well as some of the pro's and con's of the Traditional Cosmopolitan Degree.
Some of the brothers were amazed at the size of the EA. We all look forward to putting it on this saturday with the brothers of euclid and sirius.
Masonry and agape in cleveland.
Come one come all.

The future in Liberal masonry is bright, and to experience the different rites is being a Free Mason.

John Galt said...

Perhaps the next post (or series of posts) should be about Masonic rites and what the difference between a rite and an appendent/concordant body are.

There is a great tapestry of rites that form our Masonic heritage. It is good to experience these other streams of Free-Masonry.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

"to gather that which has been scattered"

Is a masons duty...
maybe all these rites need to be studied together, and a better picture of the crafts history will be better understood.
Good job michigan brothers!

see you saturday!
so mote it be

2 BOWL CAIN said...

A general meeting called the Convent of Gaul was held in Lyons from 25 November to 10 December 1778 at the instigation of Willermoz. It was decided to reform the Auvergne Province of the Strict Observance, the French Templars taking the name of “Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cité Sainte” or “Knights Beneficent of the Holy City”, commonly referred to as “C.B.C.S.”. It was absorbed into the “Rectified Scottish Rite” as follows:
1st Degree - Apprentice
2nd Degree - Fellowcraft
3rd Degree - Master
4th Degree - Maître Ecossais/Scottish Master
5th Degree - Ecuyer Novice/Squire Novice
6th Degree - C.B.C.S.
7th Degree - Chevalier-Profès/Professed Knight
8th Degree - Chevalier-Grand Profès/Grand Professed Knight

After this reformation, Willermoz decided that it would be right to expand this revision into the bosom of the Mother branch of the German Strict Observance. It was with this initiative in mind, that he went to the Convent of Wilhemsbad in 1782. He found supporters of his plan in the Princes Ferdinand of Brunswick and Charles of Hesse, but found stiff opposition on the part of the Illuminati of Bavaria (founded by Adam Weishaupt) and met hostility in the character of Francois de Chefdebien de Saint-Amand, representative of the Order of the Pilalethes, as well as resistance from Savalette de Lange. After heated arguments, Willermoz and his supporters won the day, and succeeded in having the title of C.B.C.S. adopted by all members of the Inner Order. A committee was formed under Willermoz to prepare the high degree rituals and those of the secret degrees of the Profession. This work was well advanced when the French Revolution interrupted Willermoz’ task. The “Rectified” temples of the C.B.C.S. and the temples of the Elus-Cohen which were still active had to suspend their works, the brethren being dispersed by the events of the period. After the Revolution, in 1806, the C.B.C.S. became active again in France and they soon joined the Grand Orient with which the Strict Observance had friendly relations. The Elus-cohen had not 'officially' resumed their Work. Their last Grand Master, Sebastian de las Casaa, had the archives of the Order handed over to the Philalethes. In 1806 moreover, Bacon de la Chevalerie, “Deputy Grand Master of the Northern Hemisphere”, sat in this capacity in the Grand College of Rites of the Grand Orient of France. He tried to obtain the authorization to re-organize the Order of Elus-Cohen within the Grand Orient, but was refused. The Rite of Knights Beneficent passed into Switzerland when the Directoire of Burgandy transmitted its powers to the Directoire of Helvetia. It is from this Swiss Jurisdiction, now headed by the Grand Priory of Helvetia, that the C.B.C.S. would be re-activated in France after World War II. On 5 May 1824, Jean-Baptist Willermoz died in Lyons.

San Diego Freemason said...

Wonderful News Brother Brandt,

Just think where we will be in 10 years.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

Brother's of Euclid,

I wish to thank you for the support shown in Halcyon's first time of working the Traditional Cosmopolitan EA Degree. What a wonderful degree and not an easy one to put on. brother Brandt, who had a major role, was exemplary in his performance and experience on the Lodge room floor.

I hope we can all do this again some time soon.
Good luck and Godspeed!

John Galt said...

It was a long night but well worth our time. Now all I have to do is to instruct on the proper pronunciation of "gyro."

It was my pleasure to be there Brother and I appreciate the great hospitality that the Brethren of Halcyon showed to us. The Chain of Union is strong.