Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, some of you have noticed by now that not any post is allowed. I got real tired of advertising the mental giants that are so proud of their ignorance and lack of manners that they decided to make it so that all could see the quality of their character.

All posting is on a moderated status now. If a post is irrelevant or just pointless it will be rejected. Speak to the subject at hand or don't waste your time. Remember Brothers, we are Masons. Act like it. If you can't then get your fingers away from the keyboard.



Anonymous said...

"moderated status" ? Whatever happened to free speech? If this blog isn't opened to free comment, then why exist at all? If someone disagrees with you, you simply don't post it. Free and Accepted? Grow UP!!

John Galt said...

Perhaps sir you don't understand "free speech" or the host of other rights that are protected by the Constitution of the United States. Certainly you do have the right to free speech. I have no obligation to grant you a platform from which to speak. On the same token you are not required to listen to anything that I have to say (or read what I have to write).

If you don't like the policy of this blog to not allow juvenile comments that have nothing to do with the topic at hand feel free to teach me a lesson and don't come here. I am sure that will set me straight and teach me to fly right.

I don't care if you agree with me or not. I just won't allow any posts that are not pertinent to the blog post in question.

This blog exists because I want it to.


San Diego Freemason said...

Brother Brandt,

I fully support your decision. It is a shame to see so many blogs where the discussion goes off in twenty different directions or degenerates into childish behavior.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

grow up??

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation.

Freedom of speech, or the freedom of expression is recognized in international and regional human rights law. The right is enshrined in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 13 of the American Convention on Human Rights, and Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights.

I think its pretty clear to understand what "free speech" means Brandt. Do you?

Every mason, in every land, of every country, abides by the same rules. Your rules seem to insinuate that all post's not relevant to your cause or blog are therefore inviolate. Deemed unworthy to view.

The comments I have seen are not changing my view on you or your "group". I find it funny and challenging at the same time. Did you ever once realize these people who post on your blog might have the same exact feelings torwards masonry that you do? Only, that your view has been overshadowed with doubt and a overzealous nature.

There are both sides to this and we all cannot get along. I by my own oath cannot talk to you in open as I would then violate my oath, hence the anon as most other people would agree. You goad us to stop posting as anon, yet you must clearly know this.

My speech is protected, and I agree you can moderate your "blog" to your hearts content. But I warn you that to do so is not an idea worth pursuing. Most people would agree that what intrigues them the most is the irony, the low key, the above the norm, the shamfull, and my favorite the argument of reason. Yes reason, because I can reason my heart out to you and you would never follow. I could reason my stoic belief to you and you still would not follow. I could reason my steadfast understanding of morals and beliefs in the GTA and yet you still would not follow. I could reason why you love masonry so much but you still would not follow. Yes, reason is a hard thing to see, touch, hear, or utter to another. I will not follow you because I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU. Does that answer your post?

I believe that my character is pretty sound, most assured. Some would continue to attach grand ideas of their own schemes on what your idea of masonry is about. But remember brandt, reason is a hard lesson to learn indeed!!

Belief in ones own ideas does not transgress the other persons ideas, but helps to maintain the norm. I dont have to listen to you or you me. Rather I can sit back and comment when I want. But chances are you will just delete me because I have stopped a discussion on what you want rather than my point of a particular in the discussion.

Thanks for the time.

John Galt said...

Thanks for posting something worth reading.

So that I understand it better, you have to post anonymously because your Grand Lodge does not permit you to talk to me "in open"? So you have to post anonymously so that no one will know that you are actually communicating with me? Do you not find that a bit odd? Perhaps the rules are that you could not sit in a tiled lodge with me and have Masonic communications with me.

If you really have an issue, just call me up. I know that you have my number and I will be home most of the day.


mgpierce said...

From the original post:

"If a post is irrelevant or just pointless it will be rejected. Speak to the subject at hand or don't waste your time. Remember Brothers, we are Masons. Act like it."

I'm trying really, really hard, but I can't find anything wrong with this. Stick to the topic and act like a Mason.

I do find it interesting that you, anonymous (whichever one you are), by your own admission do not have the freedom to speak to Brandt face to face, but it is perfectly fine to write to him - as long as you don't use your name.

Technicalities I guess. Reason it out anyway you see fit. A grown man took an oath not to talk to a man from a different Grand Lodge. ("Grow UP!!"???) You apparently took that oath and gave up the freedom to speak with Brandt and the rest of us.

Live up to it then. Keep your oath.

We will surely miss you, anonymous (whichever one you are).

Anonymous said...

I post anon, as I should. Rather, the underlying reason is my oath. Yes, I cannot speak nor converse upon the secrets of Masonry with a clandestine Mason.

This does not stop me in commenting, which I think you wanted in the first place. I just made a point that we as people who read your blog might want to comment, or post, or argue on your blog. There is no detriment in posting a thing. And what is a thing? Nothing more than a gathering of words to promote an idea.

I am anon, and always will be anon. Sorry Brandt, you dont know me. Some day, maybe.

I like my masonic journey, as do all of you. Whatever path we take is towards the grand scheme of things. My own journey is perhaps scattered and without cause. But, I do believe, yes I do believe there is a GTA who has my path in front but he chooses to put a few kinks in the way.

I only argued my point on why you should NOT stop people from posting. I believe people will leave and not read if they have been warned that their comments will be moderated, and or deleted. So where is the free speech?

I did grow up, I did take my oath and understand that oath. Sometime you should read it, or better yet live it. If you took the same oath, then there is no discussion.

So mote it be.

Thanks for the time.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

no oath will interfere with my duty to my God, my Country or myself.

Pretty subjective!

Anyone trying to tell me, an american, that I cannot associate with certain individuals, within the American border, is an interference with my duty to America, My God and myself. A trifecta...

Freedom of Conscience....

A novel concept.....

Plus, since when did brother brandt become a "clandestine" mason?

John Galt said...

If someone was to stop reading this blog because I don't allow the posting of such well written pieces like "do you guys give reach arounds" then so be it and good riddance.

"I post anon, as I should. Rather, the underlying reason is my oath. Yes, I cannot speak nor converse upon the secrets of Masonry with a clandestine Mason."

I understand and do respect your desire to remain anonymous. I would like to understand something. Are you claiming that you have to remain anonymous because of your oath? If so, I don't really understand that. If you are not permitted to communicate with me wouldn't that include what you are doing now?


mgpierce said...

Of course it would.

Anonymous said...

I will agree to disagree with a most profound sigh. I have no right, nor lawfull reason to speak to you as a Master Mason. I am sure you do know this. But there is always a bending of the rules in some matter of speaking.

We as Masons, are in a position to bring great idea's and attention to the world. To bring our brotherly love and affection to those without, and see that our most humble craft is upheld to the masses. When one of our fellow brethren is without, we seek to help as far we can without material injury.

"Anyone trying to tell me, an american, that I cannot associate with certain individuals, within the American border, is an interference with my duty to America, My God and myself. A trifecta..."

You sir, do not understand what you, yourself, have wrote. With that said your words hurt the very ideas of becoming a Mason. Again, you took an oath. Did you believe every word? Or were your fingers crossed? Dont argue my point to fruitless gain. We all took that oath. I seem to understand it. Do you?

Mr. Brandt, in definition of a clandestine Mason, in effect one by virtue of him being a member of a Lodge not recognized by the Grand Lodge. That does not stop me from commenting here outside of a lodge.

I am by no right a member or your lodge, just one of the masses who finds great ideas in an undertaking such as this. I dont wish to make enemies, nor have ill thoughts torwards each other. The underlying reason is to have a communication of fellow thinking Masons whether they belong to the right or left.

Thanks for the time.

John Galt said...

Allow to preface my statements with this. If you feel obliged to us the honorific of "mister" when referring to me I would consider it a favor if you were to say "Mr. Smith" rather than "Mr. Brandt." It just grates on my ears/eyes. Since this is a rather informal place "Brandt" would suffice.

I don't consider you an enemy nor do I feel that there is any ill will between us. An enemy would try to do me harm in some way. You have just disagreed with me. In the midst of my preparations for seppuku I realized that disagreeing with me is just not that damaging and I am okay with that.

Regarding your statements on what makes one a clandestine Mason. You are correct. The judgement on if someone is a clandestine Mason is an internal matter of a Grand Lodge. That being the case it only has meaning within that Grand Lodge. For example, the Grand Lodge of New York has recently suspended amity with the Grand Lodge of Washington D.C. This suggests that according to the Grand Lodge of New York that all Masons in the Grand Lodge of Washington D.C. are now clandestine. Of course this matters little to those Grand Lodges and Grand Orients that still recognize the Grand Lodge of Washington D.C.

It would go to reason that all Masons that are members of a Masonic organization not recognized by the Grand Orient of the United States are also "clandestine." I spend little time on that as it matters very little to me.

Again, there is no ill will between us nor should you consider me an enemy as I don't consider you to be one. I have enjoyed, at times, your posts and the resulting discussions. Feel free to continue.


Anonymous said...

I will henceforth not use the names or honorifics of a named person. The ability to name is as the ability to talk is as the ability to converse. That being said, I am sorry I cannot name myself.

I find like minded ideas here as well as in my own lodge. The times spent in lodge are dear to me as well as all the drama and pomp and circumstance.

Thanks for the time.